Theodora comes out in the US this month. Squee! and Eeek.
(Or, indeed, for those of you who prefer your historical fiction with a Booker-winning solemnity : *serious face* Hmmn.)
Actually, a bit of both, I hope. The book is serious, and enjoyable, and honest, and funny in parts, and I did lots of ‘proper’ research (which I’ve tried to be very light with) … and I’m also just telling a story. Just like Theodora – actress and saint, comedian and Empress, Governor’s mistress and religious convert – there’s room for many facets to one person.

Here’s a nice early mention in Publishers Weekly.

And the Penguin link.

With a lovely Reader’s Guide from Penguin Paperback.

Here’s the me talking bit.

Here’s the cover. Again. Because it’s gorgeous.
And because I love that “Guardian (London)” bit.

btw – my Dad (dead 23 years next month) and my Mum (8 years now without her), would be SO proud of that little orange Penguin in the corner.