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Creative Mentoring

I mentor writers, artists, theatremakers, people wanting to be more creative, people developing work, people working out what work they want to develop.

This might involve talking, questioning, considering, prompting, challenging – it always involves listening; me listening to you and you listening to you. It’s likely about finding your yes. This work is not therapy, although it may be therapeutic. This is therapy.

The image on this page is from the Brockwell Lido Fun Palace in 2014. I think it is everything.

Creative mentoring with me is usually one to one work, online or in person, although I have worked with groups of makers and am interested in supporting this kind of work too. I don’t take on many people for creative mentoring, purely because I don’t have time alongside my other work. When I do, we tend to work for a set number of sessions, which we will agree in advance, although I’m also open to this changing. Sessions are usually fortnightly or monthly.

I won’t read your book/play/screenplay. I don’t offer editing, copyediting or literary consultancy – there are other people way better at this than me.

I will listen to you and talk with you and support you to consider what YOU want to do creatively and how you want to do it.

Here are some things people have said about working with me:

It sounds grandiose to say that working with Stella is life changing but, honestly, working with Stella is life changing. I’d been struggling to maintain healthy relationships with my work and the people in my life while I’m working. I spoke with Stella, then, about my novel in progress, the ways in which I feel pulled both creatively and personally, and finding a balance that will allow a healthier approach to writing and, consequently, life. A combination of the Creative Mentoring and Stella’s brilliant Yoga for Writing Workshops has proved transformative. Of course, self doubt still lingers and occasionally surfaces, but I am calmer when it does. I am freer and bolder since working with Stella, who I often say has super powers. Perhaps one of the best things about her is she reminds her clients that they have super powers too.

Amy Beashel, Writer

Stella has been a real anchor over my last year whilst I have been developing my creative practice. Our regular creative mentoring sessions have helped me zoom out to harness my creative integrity and reignited my self-belief and confidence in my artistic practice. At the same time Stella is able to sit with me in the muddy granular detail of decision-making and practical planning, helping me to find a way through. One of the aspects of working with Stella that I have found most helpful is her ability to be flexible and adapt to my ever-changing needs for the mentoring. It’s been an incredibly grounding and fruitful experience and I couldn’t recommend Stella as a creative mentor more highly.

Tom Ross-Williams, Artist

I’ve enjoyed two creative mentoring sessions with Stella in the past year and look forward to more in the future.  Stella brings her infectious energy and unique perspective to these sessions, never assuming she knows “the answer”, but helping you to explore possible routes and paths into your own creativity as a thoughtful, perceptive, and inspirational guide.  I’m not sure Stella knows quite what she did for my novel in our first session.  I’d been struggling with rewrites and revisions and multiple drafts for the past three or four years.  In three minutes, Stella scribbled something on some paper, said a handful of words, and I knew exactly what was wrong (and right) with my existing novel and what I was going to do next.  Either brilliance or magic.  I’m not sure which, but I’ll take either/both.  

Sara Emmerton, Writer

Creative mentoring sessions with Stella were gentle and fun, while also being appropriately challenging. Stella is a brilliant listener and facilitator and I found the sessions hugely useful in helping me to clarify and develop thoughts about my future creative plans and direction.

Emma Rucastle, Creative Arts Freelancer

I had a fantastic creative mentoring session with Stella. As well as offering useful, tangible tips, she also has a unique ability to tap into your inner truth, and the psychological barriers that might be holding you back from fulfilling your creative potential. Highly recommended!

Caz Binstead, Writer

I charge £80 for a 60-minute session.

If you would like to know more or to consider how we might work together, email me here.

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