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Just before lockdown began I completed my 200 hour training with Yoga London, with the brilliant Francesca Sanlorenzo as my course leader and many other amazing teachers, each with their own approach, each with their own passion – a great way to learn, focused on finding the teacher we are individually, growing in our own learning while also acknowledging the differences in every student. As part of the training (and also in real life) I have taught small groups, whole classes and one-to-one.

There’s lots more training I want to do, I’ve done a weekend on yoga-and-depression with the fantastic Jess Leitch and plan on joining her yoga-and-anxiety and yoga-and-PTSD courses. I will begin Francesca’s yoga philosophy module soon. This is just the start.

I’m still writing, I’m still co-directing Fun Palaces, I’ve started my Existential Psychotherapy practical training and doctorate (therapy-with-optional-yoga coming up in a couple of years …) but I also want to start to share these new yoga skills, so …

The kind of yoga I want to offer

Yoga and Writing: I intend to run yoga-and-writing workshops, probably half or whole days, in London to start. As anyone who has done other workshops with me knows, I have always taught writing as a physical exercise. Personally, yoga and writing link brilliantly for me. I am planning some workshops to see if I can help others find the same value. For yogis who want to write, writers who want to do yoga, and for people new to both. I’m pretty sure all it will need from participants is a willing heart – a yoga mat, exercise book and pen might help too.

Yoga and Breast Cancer: I’m interested in supporting other women who have had breast cancer. With my first breast cancer at 36 (wide local excision, lymph node removal – old school/big scar style, chemotherapy & radiotherapy) I was assured that I’d probably lose my full arm/shoulder mobility. With my second breast cancer at 50 I had a mastectomy and DIEP reconstruction and, again, I was told I’d probably not regain full mobility. It’s taken a massive amount of work, but I have all the mobility now that I ever had, and more. The more is what matters – through yoga (and through therapy, but that’s another story & another training that I’ve only just started) I am more IN my body, more happily WITH my body. I live with pain (mainly from arthritis thanks to early menopause from chemo), but I know that yoga supports my life with pain more than anything else I’ve found. I don’t yet know if I can support other breast cancer people with re-finding mobility or pain management, our bodies are so different (just like our cancers) but I’m willing to try. I suspect it would work best in small groups or one-to-one sessions.

You might want to work with me if:

  • you are interested in joining a yoga-and-writing workshop list. I will I contact you when I have dates/venue etc sorted.
  • you want to use yoga in your breast cancer recovery (especially if you’re in central SE/SW London areas, I have too much else on to travel far from home/work) – but please get in touch for a chat/email conversation if you live further afield and think I might be able to help.
  • you are terrified of/put off by yoga studios and gyms, but have a yearning to move with intent and perhaps link the mind and body a little more – or a lot more.

Get in touch.

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