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In spring 2020 I completed my 200 hour training with Yoga London, with the brilliant Francesca Sanlorenzo as my course leader and many other amazing teachers, each with their own approach, each with their own passion.
I’ve studied yoga-and-depression with the fantastic Jess Leitch and in spring 2021 completed my Yoga Nidra teacher training.
I’m now in the final year of my doctorate in Existential Psychotherapy and working in private practice, I occasionally bringing yoga into that work too.

The kind of yoga I offer

Yoga and Writing: I run regular yoga-and-writing workshops online and in person every few months. I have always taught writing as a physical exercise, yoga and writing link brilliantly for me. See the front page for the latest workshop dates.

Yoga, Therapy and Cancer: I’m developing this at the moment, right now I have a dream of a small and regular group who come together to use gentle yoga flows and poses, as well as group connection, to support themselves and each other in living with cancer, recurrence fear, post-treatment emotional and physical difficulties. I have had breast cancer twice myself and both times found my yoga practice deeply beneficial to my recovery, emotionally and physically.

Get in touch if :
– you want to be on my yoga-for-writing workshop mailing list.
– you are interested in yoga and cancer work.
Email me here.

2 thoughts on “Yoga

  1. Hi Carol, Yes, I am. None organised just yet, but I expect to get something up and running in later Sept/Oct.


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