today I have :
finished making notes from one of the research books I’ve been pushing through for a few weeks now
spent two hours scanning old contracts to email to film/theatre-not-book Agent
spent another hour looking through old files for older plays to email to same Agent
transferred one lot of files from an over-flowing folder to a shiny new BIG folder
made copious notes on someone else’s first 80 pages and posted them on
filled in a year-planner calendar which does, indeed, confirm that February is going to be very busy

What I have not done is any WRITING. This other stuff all feels like make-work, while I wait for Editor’s notes. Maybe there are no notes. Maybe I could just start re-writing (again) anyway. Maybe I should get on with the 2nd book regardless. I don’t know, but I’m going to have to make a leap soon, this stasis is no fun at all.

I did, along with every other (PLR-registered) writer in the UK wake up to a pleasant announcement of our library-borrowing payments. This doesn’t exist in quite a few otherwise wise and civilised countries. PLR – and the previously mentioned ALCS payments – are good and right things. I urge you published writers to register, and us all (library users in particular) to support it. These payments were created through long years of lobbying to government. They don’t stay just because we like them, they stay because we need them. And they need our (writer and reader) support to do so, especially with so many current attacks on copyright.
There’s some interesting media stuff here :

As for the new book, well the desk and inbox are very very clear now, maybe tomorrow.