I have a couple of half-chapters to write in this new edit. They’re bits my editor thinks are missing from the book so far – she’s right, one is a piece I knew so well from research it didn’t occur to me the reader didn’t, the other is a chunk I’m slightly amazed I didn’t know needed to be in there, when it so blindingly obviously does. And for some reason, I’m kind of slowing up over writing these pieces and putting them in. I’m aware they’ll change other things. That it’s never a matter of just adding 500 words here or there. (Or almost never.) So I keep starting and stopping and writing a bit of it and stopping again. It will happen. But probably not today.
Still, I didn’t entirely waste the day. I chanted for a hour. I bought food for dinner. I edited and rehearsed a fifteen minute talk I’m giving tomorrow. I spent two hours creating the ‘my books’ page above (love those links that actually work!! – yay techno-illiterate me!)
And I did this :
girl loves snow

so maybe I’ll get those half chapters finished tomorrow. some days it’s best to just go out and see the world.