spent last week working with my mate Niall on his new show, travelling to reading/workshop events out of London, and really quite a lot of buddhisting in between, so am still finishing edit this week – with an end in sight! meanwhile, there’s this :

which deserves far more attention

and this :
torn between being shy/proud about, though I do like the words with music – especially given no rehearsal!
the ten minute one is v nicely edited

And can def recommend Peter Manseau’s ”Songs for the Butcher’s Daughter” – found it just a little florid/repetitive in the middle, and perhaps it ended a bit too fast (but oh, the hard work of perfectly pacing your book ending, think I’ve only been really happy with mine once or maybe twice.) Overall though, I think he has a LOVELY bravery in daring to be sweet (and it works), and there’s absolutely gorgeous thoughts/story around language/words/translation, all that playing with words, language as magic stuff I love.

Taught a very nice workshop in Brighton last weekend, kind engaged & enthusiastic people, and even made quick dash down to the sea to note the sparkling blue without missing train! Result. Also picked up this gem at lunchtime, from script writer Jenny Lecoat, teaching a sitcom workshop for the same people (New Writing South) : Until you’ve given it to someone else to read, it’s a first draft. No matter how many times you’ve worked on it, until they’ve seen it, it’s a first draft. (And I’d add that ‘they’ needs to be someone who matters – ie, Agent, Editor, Boss, Director, Tutor etc … probably not your best mate.)

Pancakes today, sackcloth and ashes tomorrow. Sticks with you, that Catholicism, doesn’t it?