Wednesday April 1, 6.30-8.30pm : reading with Marilyn Duckworth (the first ‘proper writer’ I ever met – remind me to blog about this sometime) and Mia Farlane at Centre for New Zealand Studies, Rm. 330, North Block, Senate House,
Malet St, London WC1

Friday April 3, 5-6pm : reading at Laugharne weekend festival (woo hoo – and hanging out all weekend too) with the lovely writer/musician/singer Charlotte Greig
no, I don’t know why the lineup is chronologically backwards either

Fri 24/Sat 25 April
Cambridge Wordfest
Fri 24 : writing workshop 10.30-4.30pm
Sat 25th (ANZAC Day) : interviewing Joanne Harris 5.30pm
Sat 25th : reading with Louise Doughty & Joanne Harris from In Bed With, 10pm

Sunday 10 May
du Maurier Festival, Fowey
panel on newly-released du Maurier short stories, published by Virago, with Helen Taylor, Justine Picardie and Lisa Appignanasi

that’ll do for now.