well, the former would appear to be a ‘glitch’, the latter would be odd given how well sex sells for them.

rankings are irritating anyway, but this is stupid

here’s a great response from After Ellen that points out what I personally find the most disturbing part about all this, that we (as LGBT people) and our work are so often sexualised, when sexuality is one part of our lives, and not at all the whole. I think that the over-sexualising of gay culture is something the LGBT community has also engaged in, one of the reasons I’ve been delighted with the rise of events promoted by Paul Burston & Rupert Smith with Polari and the House of Homosexual Culture, and of course our much-loved YLAF. Yes, there is a place for sexuality, our own, open, honest, out, engaged sexuality. But I’d far rather it wasn’t seen as all there is to us – to any of us, whatever our sexuality. Amazon’s ‘glitch’ equates LGBT sexuality with porn with adult material. They’re wrong to do this. And we’re wrong when we let them think it’s all we care about too.