“We’re sorry, you deserved so much better.”

this is great news


Now, how about an apology for all the hundreds of thousands of other men prosecuted and persecuted for their sexuaity when the law was against them?
And maybe even an acknowledgement of how easy it has always been to do the same to women, whose numbers are often not even recorded – in the statistics of witch trials for example. Easier, in fact, to persecute lesbians, expressly because of our invisibility in a society that denied we exist for so long – that still likes to pretend we’re not really here.
And further, an acknowledgement that it is still going on in all too many places. And getting worse in fact, where oppressive regimes steal the opportunities to attack us.

This IS a lovely thing, and it rightly deserves praise as a campaign and an apology. But it doesn’t mean it’s all fixed.