has an amazon page. And a sales ranking. It must be real. Yay!
It also has a little blurb (with an amusing-for-the-classicists* quote from Procopius) and a slightly oddly worded biog as (as if the Saz books aren’t novels or something … working on that).
And next it will have a cover image. Or at least one for the proof. Which will also be ready soon.
Feels like a long lead time for a book that’s not out until June 2010, but I know all the build-up is useful sales/marketing-wise and so … here we go.
(And I do like the actress/empress/whore shout-line.)

* ie – not me. I did the reading, loved the research, wrote the novel. But am sure someone will want to point out that using Theodora’s nastiest ‘biographer’ to promo her is not a little ironic. I believe that is wise Editor’s point.