ooh look … some people I don’t even know (lovely, I’m sure) doing a few of my stories in a crypt. how cool is that?

spooky goings on …

Tales from the Modern Crypt, Thurs 3rd Dec, 7.30pm
A selection of modern thrillers which presents young blood amongst the oldest of bones.

Tales from Duffy’s Crypt, Sat 5th Dec, 4pm
A selection of spine-tinglers from the pen of award-winning author Stella Duffy.

Tales from the Classic Crypt, Sat 5th Dec, 7.30pm
A selection of Victorian and Edwardian classic chillers from the pens of such favourites as E Nesbitt and Charlotte Gilmore Perkins.

each £7 or £20 for all.
St Pancras Church Crypt, Euston Road
book : scary little girls