less of a post, more of a promo, but hey, that’s part of it too, right?
so …

first : Dec 5th ScaryLittleGirls doing a bunch of great things, and some of my stories. (My stuff’s 4pm on Sat 5th, St Pancras Church crypt, but they’ve got a full weekend of material. Well worth a look.)
some mulled wine may be imbibed.

second : Dec 8th, an event for ALCS (those of you who are writers and not members, check it out, become members – ALCS is good for you!!), some reading, some talking, some chilled wine may be imbibed.

third : Dec 9th, Polari In Concrete (next to Hayward Gallery, 6.30-10pm), with Paul Burston & William Eaves :
Polari Qtr 952
some alcohol may be imbibed.

and fourthly : Dec 10th, after all those writerly things, we’re holding a Basics of Buddhism event in our little bit of Loughborough Junction, so if you’re local and you’d like to know more, let me know & I’ll pass on the info.
some life force may be imbibed.