I’m truly delighted that we’re all back to work today. I’m never very good at taking time off, I don’t much enjoy it when I’m in the middle of something – right now I’m in the middle of three somethings, first draft of a book, the re-working of a script, and preparing to re-direct a play for a new venue. I far prefer the icy and sunny Monday morning, up and at it, to having to grab an hour or so from the festivities and the air of slight disapproval from most (not the wife, also a writer), who find it hard to understand why anyone would want to keep working, almost all the time, and insist that rest is good. Rest is fine, that’s true, but making work is much more fun.

And : this blog is one year, four days old. I see (from the stats) that people read it, I see from the comments that readers find it sometimes useful or affirmative. Both of those mean I figure it’s worth keeping on. Happy 2010.