yay – last night I won Stonewall’s ‘Writer of the Year’ for Theo, and even more yay I won it jointly with Rupert Smith (for Man’s World). Rupert is a lovely man, a very good writer, and his novel looks at the lives of gay men both in the present day, and 50 years ago – so much has changed, so much hasn’t.

On a kiwi-girl-rugby-fangirl base I was thrilled to find myself sitting behind Gareth Thomas (though admittedly we hadn’t realised he was sitting on front of us until he stood up to receive his Hero of the Year award), and especially pleased to chat to his mum afterwards, a heartfelt conversation about what anti-gay bullying and prejudice does to the families of LGBT people, how it doesn’t ever affect just those of us who are gay and out, but also those who love us. Was nice to remember my own parents’ kindness and support, and how my mum took it on herself to be out on my behalf (once I’d come out!) and eventually became a resource for many older parents and grandparents who needed someone to talk to about their LGBT offspring.

Stonewall are launching an anti-bulling campaign right now, and quite a few of us were asked to contribute video thoughts to it, you can find the campaign here.

Yet again it was a shiny, glittery night, and yet again even – or especially – amongst the shiny bright things, it was good and important to be reminded there is much yet to do, and all of us need to be engaged – in whatever way we can best contribute – in making our world a better, safer, more open and honest place.

Stonewall Writer(s) of the Year 2010
happy Stella and Rupert