Sharing another blog with you today.
Radio/voice Queen, Lorelei King, talks about Brad Lavelle’s top tips for voice artists here. There are useful tips, but more than that, they remind us that our work – whatever it is – is just that, WORK. We need to take it seriously for others to take it seriously. And not too seriously either! Useful for any of us to remember, writers, performers, makers of any kind.
Brad was a very good friend, he and his wife Meg were (and are) extremely important in my life with Shelley, and Brad will always be much-missed.
I love that Lorelei has marked Brad’s anniversary by sharing some of his writing on his work. Brad was very proud of his blog/site, and was working hard on making it accessible and useful, right up to his sudden death.

edited to add : the news comes through that Elizabeth Taylor has died. And my wife reminds me that Brad was in The Little Foxes with her in the West End.
I loathe celeb-grief, a la Princess Diana, don’t understand at all that mass hysteria of faux-grief for people we never actually knew, replacing real feeling with public feeling, and yet I feel oddly moved by Elizabeth Taylor’s death. Perhaps because she wasn’t just a celeb, she worked all her life and that work could be great (and awful), and it looked like she had a full life, a fully-lived life. She was among the first to step up about AIDS, and kept on with that work, and through it all she had a real body, flesh and curves and all. Those were the days.