OK, tomorrow I’m at the Stoke Newington Literary Festival with Elif Shafak; lunch with old mates in Olympia; then home to the Literary Pop-Up for the Loughborough Junction 7-Bridges Festival.

If you’re north-east, Stokey festival has a load of great writers and lovely things. If I were staying up thattaway, I’d def go to Owen Jones’ event with Suzanne Moore, Ms Moore is brilliant and if the introduction to Jones’s Chavs is anything to go by, so is he. (Only got the book this week, still reading!)

If you’re Olympia-ish, you’re not coming to C&J’s for lunch, but we’ll think of you.

And if you’re in the south, then do consider coming along to any one of the many great events the 7-Bridges Festival is offering, LJ (or LoJo as the Mrs calls it) is the backdrop (and central character) to my The Room of Lost Things, it’s where we’ve lived for fourteen years, and this kick-in-the-arts-pants is very welcome indeed.

Here’s the 7-Bridges festival programme for the full list of events Friday, Saturday and Sunday :
Festival Programme

Maybe see you there?