A day or two ago I thought about writing about the absurdities of the Lee Hall/Beached fiasco, but that’s been done in many other places. And very well done by Daniel Bye here. (But oh god, yes, it does still hurt, really, HURT, that the sexuality I was born with, I live with, is still so easily disparaged.)

Now it’s all idiotic News of the World vileness filling our pages while yes, the Horn of Africa starves/thirsts and gets virtually no attention, because our home drama is more exciting. And it isn’t at all, not in terms of life and death and what really matters, but it gets SO MUCH ATTENTION. Gah. And of course, bringing down Murdoch IS a fine thing. (Not least, so we can get MadMen back on proper telly, where it belongs.)

But of course, the personal is political and sometimes the political needs to be personal too. Here’s my Mrs, being both.