I was there last week, for 22 hours, for the first preview of Medea. All very exciting and thrilled that such an ambitious production, with big, brave ideas, is using my words.
Here’s Sarah Chew, director, talking about why she chose to go for this production, and (IMO) getting it spot on about the play’s feminist and anti-nationalist sentiments.

These are the things I’ve had something to do with this Edinburgh :
Medea, as above.

The lovely Michael Legge’s very funny, extremely polite (and how often can you say that about a comedian?!) and very smart Curse Sir Walter Raleigh.

Josh Howie’s I Am A Dick. Josh is my niece’s husband, the father of one of my great-nephews, so I couldn’t possibly comment on his dick-worthiness, I have, however, seen his past three shows in private previews in my lounge, and I think Josh has really found a way to share his voice, his bile, and his humour here. The edges are sharp, and all the better for it.

Some other shows I’ve had nothing to do with, but I know the people making them and figure they’re interesting people, so their work is bound to be too :

Charmian Hughes who I bump into every now and then in East Dulwich, but only when I’m looking my total and absolute worst.

Richard Fry who is exhausting himself playing all three men in Medea, as well as doing this.

One Under, which has been made by several people including Phoebe Eclair-Powell who’s going to be doing more work with Shaky Isles on TaniwhaThames later this year.

And a bunch of lovely blokes being silly.

There, that should be enough to be getting on with.