only this now, for a bit.

first preview Tuesday 15th.
second preview Wednesday 16th, with a post-show about making work in Open Space.
Press Night/opening Thursday 17th.
at Ovalhouse.
with, all through the run, amazing foyer art work and installation by company associate and friend Rosanna Raymond.
and a pre-show event on Wednesday 23rd, 6pm, The Charmed and The Curious Rosanna, Chris Roberts (One Eye Grey, contributor to TaniwhaThames making, and fellow lido-lover) with delicious objects from the Cuming Museum’s Lovett and Pacific collections.

Yesterday I was told, as the day progressed, that this thing or that wasn’t available for the tech – these things will arrive eventually, just not first thing today (Sunday) for the big get-in/rigging session, as planned, as hoped for. And it’s not ideal, but it is what it is. And I was glad we’ve been working in Open Space because yes, while I’d rather we had everything the designers wanted at one time and in one place, I am pretty much ok with the “whatever happens is the only thing that could have” – so the insane traffic in London (that I was also caught up in while out shopping for props and nice things for the audience for press night) could not be helped yesterday, it was what it was. And we’ll do other stuff until we get those necessary pieces. And “whenever it starts is the right time” – because this particular thing, this show, this idea, this piece coming into fruition, actually started last year when we were talking about what this might be, and at base it IS the taniwha of our show – and while we can all work really hard and well to bring it into the theatre, and we are doing exactly that, it is a taniwha. It’s coming in it’s own sweet time. We’ll be there to welcome it when it does.