Well, that was lovely. I don’t think I’ve ever been part of a show where EVERYONE really does help with the get-out. Last night, after the last TaniwhaThames (for now, at the Oval), cast, crew, partners, nephew, friends got on with it, de-rigged, cleared, cleaned, painted and partied. I may never get this black paint from my fingernails but, my dear taniwhas (nga taniwha, obv), taniwha-watchers, taniwha-listeners, taniwha-supporters, taniwha-enjoyers, thank you.
Right then, Christmas puddings steaming, last of the Theodora sequel edit to do, marmalade (from home-grown lemons and mini-oranges!!) to make.

Meanwhile, here’s a little something to enjoy and maybe contribute to …

The Oval House loos are fine, but a bit bare, so I decided (taking the idea from Matilda Leyser’s Room for Writing at Lyric Hammersmith when we did Lifegame there last year) to ask the audience some questions and see what they answered. Here are the pics.
When I get a chance (!) I’ll write up the answers and come back and list them here. It ended up being something I was always really pleased to go and check on, see what had been added during the show the night before and thank you to those who left their answers.
Feel free to comment and add your answers – “where’s home?” and “what does the taniwha mean for you?”