I had a lovely bit of Dragon King’s Daughter revelation today while chanting this morning. I think I understood, for that time at least, the ‘everyone can be the Buddha’ far more clearly than ever before, no doubt lots to do with Nine Consciousnesses lecture prep I’m doing for cousin Jonathan’s undergrad psych students at Roehampton*. Which was splendid.
I then proceeded to work from 9.50am to just now (7.45pm), without a break, on the admin for several different future projects, and therefore got no actual writing done at all.
And I heard myself saying “but I haven’t done any proper work”.
Noticing that I now call my writing my proper work, and everything else ‘everything else’ is also a fine revelation.
And time to stop.

* it’s on the Buddhist View of Consciousness, but I’m subtitling it ‘a very personal view’ as I’m no expert in anyone else’s Buddhism (not even in my own!) and I def don’t see myself as usual academic material, AND it can’t be about my own practice for fear of sounding preachy and/or offending students of other faiths, so it’s a fine line to tread and making me think very hard!