that’s probably because you’re one of the very lucky women (and men!) in the world for whom “corrective” rape, forced marriage, FGM don’t (or more accurately, comparatively rarely) happen. It’s probably because, through an accident of birth, and no effort on your part, you were born in a place where the vote had already been won, equal pay has already been fought for, the right to abortion has been granted, and your right to chose a contraceptive of your choice has been granted. It may even be that you live somewhere that those contraceptives are actually free. It could be because you were born in a place where you can can read what you like, drive if you want, and shop unchaperoned. It could be because other women (and men) fought for these rights that are now so common we often don’t even notice not everyone has them. It could be you don’t know there are women (and men) who gave their lives so that you could enjoy safety and security and ambition and hope. (Yes, there are bound to be more reasons, feel free to add your own in comments.)
And IF that is the case for you – as it is for me – then please, let’s not discuss whether or not International Women’s day is useful or relevant, let’s get on with making sure other women have so much liberty and freedom and education and hope and TIME so that they too can sit around wondering “is it for me?” That is, if you don’t feel it’s for you, the clue’s probably in the INTERNATIONAL – in which case, look out, look further.

and if, by any chance, you STILL think it’s not for you or still want to say “I’m not a feminist but …”, then here’s why it is for you too.

And … happy would-have-been 91st birthday to my Dad.