Every now and then I check how people are getting directed to my blog.
Sometimes they are looking for something in Loughborough (because I live in and have written about Loughborough Junction – sorry about that, misdirected Loughborough people); sometimes they’re looking for LGBT-related stuff – which you’d find here, under ‘sort of about LGBT’ (see? just there, on the right); sometimes they’re looking for me. Here I am. Check the biogs, me and photos bit at the top of the page, just up there, in the bottom of the picture of me running into the North Sea at Alnmouth.

Here’s what brought people here today :

Stella Duffy – Phew. You found me.

In the traditional sense, everything is connected to everything and anything … – I agree, quite right, Very Buddhist.

It Does Get Better, the L project – it does (or it can if we all make the effort for it to do so), the L-Project people are engaged in that effort.

Quotes Stella Duffy – hmm, ok, here are a few : “make stuff up”; “get on with it”; “there is no muse”; “I don’t believe in talent”; “it’s not gay-marriage, it’s just marriage”; “come out!”; “there is no Prince Charming”; “I was born in Woolwich”; “I grew up in Tokoroa”; “yes, I do fancy Don Draper – anyway” (see also Joan); “have you met my wife?”

Stella Duffy blog – yup, here you are.

lesbian adjective – far preferable to lesbian-noun in my opinion (we are all far more interesting and rounded and individual than merely identifying purely by sexuality would allow)

The Purple Shroud Stella Duffymy new book! Out in the UK on July 5th, and in the US on Sept 25th.

are equal partnerships in marriage good – well, you know? I rather think they are.

Right then, that was a pleasant diversion. 1300 words written, then a meeting, then an email-chat chat in bad French with someone who’s asked me to do a piece for them, now let’s see if I can manage another 700 words before tea.

Stella Duffy workshop London