Enough of the doomery, people. It’s ONLY the Mayor. Boris is not the PM, he’s not the government, he’s not even an MP. Yes it will be galling seeing him take credit for the Olympics and anything else that goes right (if it goes right!), but come on, this is London, and there’ll be loads more going wrong than right, there always is, it’s too gloriously big and cumbersome and disparate not to regularly go wrong. And Boris will be right there, to take the blame. The more he screws up, the more the Tories are doomed, meanwhile Labour has 4 years to find a credible, wise, strong, alternative candidate. The Blitz, Thatcher, bombs, fires, floods, plague … London’s faced far worse than even a carefully-calculated buffoon like Boris, many many times. Stop making him so important, it’s just feeding the troll.

(I wish I could draw, Boris as an – actual – troll, under Waterloo Bridge, eyeing up Westminster, is a pretty gorgeous image. If any artists want to have a go, send me a pic and I’ll add it here.)

Hurrah! Here’s the lovely Carine’s Boris-as-troll pic. Great work!