Quickly, because I have to rush off to tech Murder, Marple and Me, but ooh, last night …

Loved the opening ceremony, loved the political stuff, suffragettes, NHS, CND, Windrush, lezzkiss!, so many roles for women (film/tv/theatre writers take note), AND it looked great. Loved Shami Chakrabarti and Doreen Lawrence (the others too, but they were great surprises). LOVED that there were jokes, that there were staff and patients from Great Ormond Street, laughed out loud at #stuntqueen.

Oh and Evelyn Glennie, so powerful, so fierce, so brilliant.

Loved that it was about inclusivity, that it wasn’t uniform, that it was human and a little messy (while also being very pretty), that the children and the adults were all different sizes, races, ethnicities, ages.

Loved the handing over from age to youth.

Above all, I loved that it was about people. About the green and pleasant being broken by the industrial, about the people even within that (the actions of breaking it, that it was moved from one form to another by PEOPLE, not technology), that in bringing up the industrial revolution it acknowledged the bad as well as the good – the enclosures, the damage to countryside and people, the sins of the Empire as well as the good.
LOVED that unlike any other country I can think of, Britain is really awfully good at saying there are crap things here (and in our past) as well as great. Loved the pride without hubris.
To me it looked like an honouring of the arts, handing over to sports.
And we got to see the fireworks live from our friends’ great-view bathroom window.
All good. Now to enjoy the competition.

edited to add : and STORY!!! there was so much Story!
Also, narrative-worriers, take the opening ceremony as a great note : have an idea, show/tell a bunch of scenes that illustrate it (nb – telling’s fine when it’s told well, the Greeks were great at it, see the scene where the messenger TELLS of Medea killing her boys), then let the audience tie it up. They can, we can, it works.

edited again to add : I gather Paulette Randall was the asst director, and that pleases me enormously, as well as making a great deal of sense.

Which bit did you like best?