Ooh, I’ve started writing my new book. Properly started, not just doing bits of it here and there when I can find time, and while also writing other things. For now, this book is ALL I’m writing. I’m using Scrivener to work on it as so many novelist mates have told me it’s been good for them – so far, so useful.

But of course, it would be absurd for me to ‘only’ be writing a book, so here’s a bunch of gigs in the next two weeks, some of which might appeal to …

Opera lovers, Samoa-lovers :
Friday 17th August I’m one of a bunch of writers/dancers/singers/musicians taking part in a fundraiser for GAFA – A Family Called Samoa – a theatrical/musical/choral/physical extravaganza celebrating 50 years of Samoa’s Independence. It’s a one-off show on the 27th September, and on Friday we’re reading/talking/poeming/singing/sharing for free! (or donations, which would be nice!) Some of the amazing people taking part are Rosanna Raymond, Aivale Cole, Louise Callinan. It’s all from gorgeous Sani Muliaumaseali’i‘s idea and generous holding, and it’s very much on its way to becoming a thing all of itself – not just opera, not just theatre, not just words, not just music, not just dance … but something that is all of those. And therefore more.
(And yes, opera lovers among you will notice a theme in some of those links!)
We’d love your support. We’ll be at Dance Attic Studios, 7.30pm, 368 North End Road, SW6 1LY

Book people and festival people :
Saturday 18th August I’m at the Green Man Festival – in the literature tent at 3pm and thereafter all over the place (though most especially in the front row for Van the man if I can squeeze my way through.) Woop!

LGBTers and theatre types :
20-23 August I have a monologue in a lovely lineup of monologues LGBT : Unlikely Bedfellows. Pieces by me, Neil Bartlett, Jackie Kay and Rob Ellis, directed by Jonathan Best, for Manchester Pride. Mine’s performed by Erin Shanagher and I’m very sorry I can’t get up there to see it, so please go along if you’re in Manchester and give some appreciative applause from me.

Book people and sexy-book people :
Thurs 23rd August I’m doing this reading-sexy-things-from-our-books event at Sh! Hoxton with Rebecca Chance and Paul Burston. I’ll be reading from The Purple Shroud. Obviously.

Theatre types (and if a generous, kind, honest piece about miscarriage might be what you need right now) :
22/23/24 August there’s also Emma Deakin‘s lovely debut play Waiting Room from Shaky Isles at Camden Fringe. I’ve worked as writer-mentor/script-editor with Emma on this, and a very little with a couple of the actors, and am really excited and proud about what they’re creating.

And of course, Murder, Marple and Me continues at the Gilded Balloon, Edinburgh Festival, 3.15pm until August 26th.
Here’s a couple of glowing reviews : The Scotsman and Edinburgh Evening News. These lovely pieces ensured it sold out last week, so it might be worth booking rather than just turning up …

And then there’s some other stuff – including GAFA itself – in September.
But that’ll do for now, right?