so, the utter (and glorious) extravagance that was almost a year’s work for the one-night-only show that was Gafa is done now, and I’m looking at what next …

Saturday 29th Short Story Salon, The Society Club, Soho. 6-8pm

Sunday 30th September Ilkley Festival, two events this Sunday, 30th September – workshop 11.30am, The Purple Shroud reading 2.30pm

(Ooh, and The Purple Shroud is now out in the US. Woop!)

Sunday 7th October I’m hosting an Open Space for Live Witness at Live Theatre in Newcastle, a chance to be part of writing/creating a celebration of Live’s 40th anniversary – all writers/theatre-makers (and keen-but-unsures) welcome.

Saturday 20th October I’m taking part in a Battle of Ideas event – Who Needs Art Anyway? Great panel, great events, should be good. (And yes, not a little scary for me, as the talking about – rather than the doing – often is.)

Monday 29th October I’m doing Paul Burston’s brilliant Polari with old mates Jake Arnott and Rebecca Chance among the lineup.

Tuesday 30th October is another Up The Junction short films & lit night at Whirled Cinema, with Halloween-y thrillerish reading from Julia Crouch, Alex Marwood, Martyn Waites/Tanya Carver and Chris Roberts.

And while all that’s going on I’ll be getting on with the new book (fairly slowly, but that’s fine, it’s finding its way), and also directing on Shaky Isles‘ new play, Sarah Robertson’s dark, bitter, funny, tough Ordinary Darkness (Hen & Chickens 14 Nov – 1 Dec), loads more on that as we go on …

but before I let go of Gafa completely, here’s a stunning pic of Lianne Unasa as Nafanua (costumed by the genius Rosanna Raymond) :