Phew. So, we did manage to get in/tech (though no dress rehearsal), all in only the day and a half left to us after the fire, and all (just) in time for the preview last Wednesday, press night last Thursday.
Big phew.
Which has left the playing, the getting used to it, the getting used to what we’re offering people, finding out how difference audiences receive what we have to give, and the calming down a little after the huge push to open on time. By all accounts (I couldn’t be there), the cast did a storming show on Saturday night – after 7 solid days of work AND a matinee.

There’s been some great reviews and some not great. It’s certainly not left people feeling like they didn’t care either way! (A good result imo – while also noting that OF COURSE we all – also – want everyone to value/approve/’get’ everything we do!)

Here are the links to a chosen couple, more because they get (I think) what Sarah & the company have been trying to do, than because they utterly adore every bit of what we’ve made :

Lyn Gardner/Guardian

We have two more weeks. I’m really excited by what changes will come through these weeks, where else it might lead us. Maybe see you there.

and a pretty pic of the lovely cast in action (photo : Salvador Brown)

And in contrast – me, mopping the stage, just an hour before press night, after new post-fire air conditioning units went in, and wall plaster was ground into the floor. It’s constant glamour folks, all the way …