in a blog about a blog/book/movie (yup, it will eat* itself …)

We just watched Julie & Julia and I totally loved this (very Nora Ephron) line.

Julia Child is packaging up her ms to send it off to prospective publishers, she says to her husband :

“Savour the moment, the moment when anything is possible, the moment you can just imagine they’re going to love everything you do and it’s going to sell a million copies and change the world.”

Yes. That’s exactly what it’s like, for me at least, every time the hope. Every time.

I love it when a writer writes WELL about what writing’s like. All too often I feel like writers get it as wrong when they write writers as they usually do when writing actors. (Oh god, the dreadfully-written actors I’ve read in my time …)

* eat. d’you see what I did there?