This is a nice interview with me & Jane Czyzselska of Diva Magazine and Jenni Murray on Woman’s Hour last week, in honour of Diva’s 200th issue, out in Feb.
and a bit of Jodie Foster too.

There’s an Arvon course I’m very much looking forward to teaching with the lovely Patrick Gale, and brilliant Patricia Duncker as our guest. Lumb Bank, Yorkshire, April – surely there’ll be a daffodil or two?
Booking just open

I’ve been working very hard with Janet Prince and all the MM&Me team for the past couple of weeks, final stretch this week, before Janet takes Philip Meeks’ extended version of Murder, Marple and Me on tour for the next few months. We had some lovely reviews and a sold-out show at Edinburgh last year, so here’s hoping the tour will be just as well received.
Tour dates from Feb to June.

Have a look at the Chaosbaby website. How pretty is that? (leave it on the homepage for a bit and applaud Jen Toksvig’s gorgeous photos as they scroll through alongside the story so far.) We’re working now towards a pilot showing of the piece this summer, alongside of a week of workshops in music, writing, theatre-making, for a variety of ages.

A heads-up about a project that’s been some time in development and I’ve just come on board for, very much looking forward to working with Aliki Chapple on M.A.I.R.O.U.L.A – halfway down the page here.

If you’re London-based or in London next weekend (26/27/28 Jan), and care about theatre as a maker, writer, practitioner, artist, designer, actor, director, venue, audience (or all of the above), you’ll want to be at the 8th annual DandD. Always a brilliant start to the creative year.

After some of all that, and before some of the rest of it, Shelley and I will be in NZ for three weeks (leaving home and cat in the capable hands of Emma who has the great privilege of Marlowe the cat deigning to sit with her). We have about eighty people to catch up with, a family wedding, at least 8 places we have to stay over, and hopefully we’ll be catching the end of the golden weather. First time to my (other)home in seven years.
I’m doing one workish thing while we’re there, hosting the launch of Aorewa McLeod’s Who was That Woman Anyway? at the Women’s Bookshop in Auckland on Feb 19th. Other than that it’s sight-seeing, catching up with loved ones, and getting freckled. Can’t wait.