Twenty glorious days : 83 friends, family and loved ones; 11 different towns, cities & villages; one wedding; 5 graves; dozens of swims in 3 pools, one ocean, one sea and one strait; baby cuddles and puppy loves; the bliss of my Mrs enjoying ocean swimming; the Southern Cross and the Milky Way; beaches and bush; baches, beach houses and homes; best summer since 1974 (and I enjoyed that one too!); kai moana and home baking; friends and family babies become and becoming lovely adults; surprise visits and long-planned trips; celebration, commemoration and rather a lot of wine. Whanau, whakapapa, gafa, home. One play, one more catching up, one last wave, and a quick swim at Singapore Airport to come. A glorious way to celebrate the imminent 50.
See you on the other side.