a busy couple of weeks coming up, here’s a few links :

Thursday 14th I’ll be at Live Theatre in Newcastle performing Nassim Soleimanpour’s White Rabbit, Red Rabbit. I won’t have seen the play before I go on stage, I have deliberately avoided all talk/reviews of it, truly know nothing about it and am both excited and a little nervous. If you’re in Newcastle/area, please come, I reckon I could do with the support!

Saturday 16th I’m in Bristol for the Bristol Women’s Literature Festival, great panel lineup too.

Thursday 21st I’m in Brussels for the Edinburgh World Writers’ Conference, a panel on National Literature (no, I’m not sure either, I think that’s why we’re discussing it!) First time to Brussels, very excited.

The following week I’m going up to Manchester for the day for A Thing which I hope to talk about more here over the next year, if/when it becomes real. Yes it is very
Secret Squirrel

Meanwhile, certainly not moaning after a gorgeous 3 weeks in New Zealand summer in February but er, could we have some spring, please?