Tonight I hosted the (ever so fancy) Stonewall Dorchester fundraiser. And the tickets cost loads* and it’s not a cheap gig – and I’m grateful, as ever, to my dear friend (and fine writer) Val McDermid for having me on her table – and because I was hosting, I spent the night in a state of ever so slightly nervous ‘is-this-ok-ness’? (Because I’m not a standup – at least not since 1991 – and those gigs always terrify me) …
And, mostly, because the work Stonewall does is huge, and it matters to me to do it justice, to be a good host, to encourage people to care and contribute to the cause.
From the marriage I WILL have, to the brilliant in-schools work**, to the heartbreaking and really vital work with Age Concern re LGBT elders …
Yes, for some people, Stonewall’s work is ‘mainstream’ and therefore not radical enough. For me, as an out lesbian for the past 30 years, I no longer need to accord with anyone else’s view of what ‘radical’ is. I already did it, in my day to day life, since I was 16 (or younger). I am gay and out and grew up working class (before it was fashionable with the politicos) and am ginge and freckled and I am a short, not-thin woman working in the arts who comes from a family where no-one had ever been to university, no-one had worked outside of a ‘proper job’ – and all that entails – before me. I have ALWAYS been radical.
And, tonight, radically, proud to host for Stonewall.
Lovely to be asked.

* in order to fundraise for ever such good stuff

** also, very good other in-schools work from Diversity Role Models for whom I am proud to be a patron

ps – I am, however, contrary to the one person’s belief on twitter, and the one woman in the ladies (why is it always in the loo??) NOT Carol Ann. Really, not.