I HATE that the news isn’t full of 14 girls killed on their way to university, that it isn’t our biggest concern right now.
I loathe the place of inaction where I feel caught between my inherent pacifism and my disgust that some men loathe women so much they would kill us rather than allow us education.
And it IS a men against women thing. It is cloaked in ‘faith’, as the faith-allowed killing of women always has been (cf the witch trials & murders not so very long ago), and I truly do not know what is best to do.

I wrote this piece in response to Emmeline Pankhurst’s call for militancy.
Hers was a sea-change call.
I’m not a militant, and yet, my imagined ‘International Army of Women‘ is still an ‘army’, definitely an army, because something that enforces the safety of those girls (and the boys on their side) is SO appealing …
(nb – this piece is two years old. I wish it was out of date.)