I’ve written here about my own experience of infertility, and about being the partner to my wife when she was miscarrying, about how painful and hard those things are, especially in a society where we want only to dwell on the joyous, the happy, the “oh, you made a baby!”, and not the “oh, you didn’t”.
And yet …
I have just left a rehearsal that was utterly joyous, for Expectations, a play ostensibly about miscarriage/infertility and the repercussions of those issues, but actually far more about life, love, choosing light over dark, finding hope where it isn’t easily found. Which is making our rehearsals for this wild, funny, dark, exciting play, into something engaging, pleasurable and yes – joyous.
I never thought, ten years ago, I’d be able to say that.

To which end … I want to let you know about a fundraiser for the play, and also for the Miscarriage Association, as part of international Babyloss Awareness week.
It’s a comedy fundraiser for a serious thing. A brilliant comedy night for the things we’re not great at talking about, at sharing. A great night out (with some stunning raffle prizes as well), to support some work (our play and the Miscarriage Association’s work) that is trying to talk about something we don’t talk about, trying to make dialogue where there is none, trying to be open and light from a place where many of us making this work have personally been very sad.
We’d love you to see the play, of course, but right now, we’d LOVE you to support the fundraiser – by coming along if you’re free and would like to, by sharing this info, by sending us your goodwill. We want to make a difference. We want our work to make a difference. And we want us – and you – to have a good time doing so.

Here’s Emma talking about the fundraiser and her reasons for writing the play.

These are the details, maybe see you there?
Lyric Theatre, Shaftesbury Avenue
Monday 14th October, 7.30pm
lineup : Gaby Best, Jarred Christmas, Jenny Eclair, Kevin Eldon, Gafa Arts Collective, Viv Groskop, Josh Howie, Lucy Porter, Twisted Loaf, Upstairs Downton

book here : Nimax Theatres, Raising Expectations