There’s a big old update/info/report/newsletter going out from Fun Palaces HQ (er, me, Sarah-Jane, a piece of string, and the generous in-kind love of Theatre Royal Stratford East) to the mailing list in a few days, but because I know loads of you are hungry for it, and because I can, here’s the Open Space report from our brilliant day last week with gorgeous images from Jen Toksvig.

Fun Palaces Open Space Full Report

and as an added bonus, here’s the (current*) Fun Palaces Manifesto …
* it will change, it will have to change, we’ll keep adding more of you, you’ll have new ideas. It’s a Changing Manifesto. Yay.
Fun Palaces Manifesto 2, October 2013

And have you seen Emily’s Medley‘s stunning new Fun Palaces illustration? Gorgeous and inspiring. (We love that the builders are still building it …)

Fun Palaces, Emily Medley 2013
Fun Palaces, Emily Medley 2013