Oof! Brilliant but daunting meeting at Theatre Royal Stratford East with the Albany about sharing/promoting/creating the inter/national profile for ALL the Fun Palaces, about the past/present/future/NOW of the idea, and I come home nervous about HOW we are going to make it happen (thankfully not me alone, esp not now we really do have a team, albeit all of us part-time) and then I read the Brockwell Lido Fun Palace update about their meeting tonight and see tweets from the Lancaster people and the Crystal Palace and Croydon Fun Palaces people (and all the others – 92 as of this morning!) and I realise that HOW will work itself out – because we know WHY.
Those of you making them already know WHY you’re doing it.
You get the passion for the democratisation of the arts, you understand the passion for sharing arts and sciences with and for all, you ARE the people making your Fun Palace WITH your neighbours (your neighbours in actuality or in interest), for your community, from love of creating, and a desire to make a difference, together.
It’s all already there.
And because we know the why, the how will follow.
Phew. Sorted.