I take such heart from the news about the #NoMorePage3 campaign.
Partly because those who got it going – and kept it going – were largely young women, so it reminds me that there are hugely political young people.
Partly because, even though on the surface it is a small victory (and a partial one because apparently The Sun wants to relegate Page 3 to the Internet – because that’s where outdated, sexist, unsavoury things live?) it shows the power of action and that, when action is properly harnessed, even someone like Murdoch can be persuaded to take the right (partial) action.
Like the whole women on banknotes thing it is, of course, too little, a lot late, but it’s not nothing.
And in these times where it can feel like we are constantly banging our heads against the brick walls of willful ignorance that show up in racism, sexism, ableism, ageism, homophobia, violence, ignorance, the idea that change can happen is a vital one.
The whole bloody lot from the arms trade that perpetuates war to everyday sexism and everyday racism and the austerity lie pedalled by the current government IS joined up – it’s joined up to an idea that we don’t need to care for each other, that putting oneself first is better than putting others first, that being successful is about making money, and that dreams of justice and equality are just that – unachievable hopes.
I don’t doubt there will be lots of people saying that this is not enough.
They’re right, it’s never enough. But it is something.
And we need to take heart from the somethings, however big or small they are, to go on to make the differences needed about EVERYTHING.