So here’s of video of me (and a whole lot of other impassioned speakers, 99 of them, I’m No 8 if loads of time has passed by the time you read this) at ChangeHow2015.

I’m talking about politics and Fun Palaces and arts for all and everyone an artist/everyone a scientist and equality and money, a week after my last surgery (that last bit is my excuse for conflating about a dozen Fun Palaces into just two or three and getting the wrong people in the wrong place – am not sure there’s anyone from Ghana or Sierra Leone working with Farnham Fun Palace, but maybe there will be soon!).
There are also a lot of swears and it starts off a bit angry – that’s because I was VERY nervous.
It gets less shouty as I enjoy it more.
The politics are all the way through though.

If you don’t have 14 mins to spare, here’s the guts :
– arts and sciences – ALL culture – should be for all, they aren’t yet
– of course we don’t have austerity, we have inequality
– Fun Palaces is A way (not the only way) of empowering communities
– Fun Palaces is A way (not the only way) of encouraging people to create for and by themselves
– there was never a golden time of great funding for all the arts (poor people ALWAYS missed out)
– middle aged activists are needed too
– older people know great stuff
– younger people need our encouragement in their activism
– flying in experts (in arts) is an insane waste of money, let the people be the experts, they know their own communities best
– artists are community too

and, you know, all the stuff I usually bang on about. including my wife.

listen to the other speakers too. they’re all really interesting and some are astonishing.

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