I want more than a parade.
I want every person who isn’t out all 364 other days to be out – and happily, easily so.
I want to remember the hugely brave pioneers who made it possible for us to be out at all.
I want it to be better and easier and happier for everyone to be out.
I want every straight mate who had a gay fling to come out about it.
I want not to need to be out at all. Ever. In the same way straight people never need to come out.
I want people to assume my friend is my wife and not need to say it every bloody time.
I want all my friends with children to be able dream that their kids might be any sexuality or none.
I want it to be about history and hope as well as partying and playing.
I want it to be much much more than a rainbow flag.
I want it to have been ok for me, at 15/20/25 to think I might be gay and a mother, I might be gay and be with the love of my life for all of my life, that I might have a happy fulfilled life, I want not to have been as scared as I was, I want not to have built slightly different dreams, due to that fear.
And much as I am a glass half-full person (my friends know this about me!) I also really mind that I did not (always) have that hope back then. That so much of my youth – so much of so many of our youths – was hurt by fear and ignorance.
I don’t just want a rainbow, I want the whole damn sun and all of the rain.
And, onwards …