Quite often my facebook posts become blogs. Here’s a succession of twitter statuses from this evening that became a facebook post that became a blog. Partly prompted by the ‪#‎Theatre2016‬ conversations today …

Blissfully getting-it conversations evening with a cancer-y friend tonight.

Not that beloveds aren’t great, but sometimes it is a relief to be with someone who gets life-precarity. I think I lived the artist no-money precarity for 25-ish years & I have no idea how long my current (financial) ‘enough’* will last, but the life-precarity is what I live with, always, now.

And we (the arts) are crap at talking about that – life/death. We talk about money ALL the time. Funding/no funding, income/no income, as if that is the only precarity. But there are many artists living with death daily. And unless a show/work/play is about death, we hardly ever mention it. We could mention death more in conversations about arts. It’s probably as important as funding.

Anyway, it was great to spend an evening with a cancer-y theatre beloved and talk about death, not money.

* I don’t buy a lot, I’m not fussed about stuff/things, I’m right now wearing an 18-year-old cardigan (it’s still lovely!), I’m lucky that my enough is pretty light.