So, I’m trying really hard right now to work on being. I’m a very doing person and I know that I could do with some being as well, some gaps between doing, some time to process, some time to get strong. But today many people I care about (and many I don’t know at all) are sad and fearful.

I don’t want to BE sad and fearful*, I want to DO. I want to create value. I want to make change.

I made a list, it’s very eclectic and it’s just the first ten things that occurred to me this morning. I’ve done some of them already today, I’ll do some more later (& I’ll try to do some being in between!) and I look forward to other people’s lists so I can choose some of their Good Things To Do too.

  1.  getting on and staying strong – next Friday evening 27th Jan, splendid LGBTQ lit-ness, Polari Salon, if you’re in London we would love to see you there.
  2. support this brilliant action by British East Asian actors & friends.
  3. look forward to this in November – Diva Literary Festival
  5. join one of the Women’s Marches on Saturday 21st – many marches, many places, MANY people – here’s WE’s Sophie Walker explaining why WE are marching
  6. be kind to a neighbour, say thank you to the bus driver, pick up some litter (seriously!), smile on the tube/train
  7. applaud this and do more things like this
  8. sing. get some sunshine on your face. smile at a stranger.
  9. donate (time, money, both) to a homeless shelter, food bank, women’s refuge, refugee action, migrant support
  10. make your own list. share it. do things on your list and the lists other people share. DEEDS NOT WORDS.

and if you want a t-shirt that spells it out for you, check out my brilliant niece’s site here.


*why yes, I do know that sometimes being sad & fearful is of value – feeling the feelings is of value, letting them be. Today though, today especially, I’m going with DOING, because I’m in a relatively safe, relatively protected life – and way too many others are not.