just in case anyone who reads my blog also countenances anything K**** H****** or T**** (incl Jnr) writes/tweets/says, London today was actually :

  • sunny!
  • taciturn (what are you people doing in my way as I run up the left side of the escalator?!)
  • touristy. it’s spring, you’re all welcome – tube etiquette notwithstanding. also, people, there’s nothing in Oxford Street to be so slow for, speed up!
  • busy (see above)
  • blossomy (see above above)
  • lots of smiling police officers, especially in the tube – they seemed very young and I felt for them, I hope they weren’t scared.
  • gloriously queer – Diva Awards and prep (for me) for Stonewall Equality Dinner tomorrow
  • loads of people being grateful to other people (this was nice, let’s do this more)
  • theatre people thinking about being more diverse, more inclusive UK Theatres Touring symposium (this was nice, let’s DO this more)
  • every ethnicity, every nationality, every diversity, every faith and none, keeping on LIKE WE ALWAYS DO
  • a mix of brilliant people and crap people and people who are both – as all of us are, at different times
  • the same as ever, if a bit more essentially itself. because it’s London and it is special.

(and my trains were delayed, tubes on time, buses stuck in traffic. all of which is utterly usual.)


St Paul’s pic above was 5pm today, this river pic is from last summer. Same old river.