I didn’t want to post an election piece, I wanted to let my kia ora Aotearoa stand alone for a day or two, but I’m not cheering and it’s not ok, so here’s a VERY short response to the absurdities of the last 36 hours in the UK:

I do want to be hopeful that this Tory/DUP alliance can’t last, of course I do. But as a queer woman, I also hope the people assuring me it’s going to be fine – *eventually* – can understand that I am FUCKING SICK OF WAITING. I have been told my whole life, as a woman, as a queer person, as a working class woman, to wait until other things get fixed first.
It really fucking disturbs me that it is even possible to ally with anti-abortion, anti-LGBT, creationists in a modern UK parliament – because it reminds me how very close we are to losing all of the gains we have made in my lifetime.
It’s not at all fixed and I’m very keen that those of us (on all ‘sides’ btw) who have stepped up for decades are supported by those of you who have only just got engaged in the past few years*. We’re going to need you.

* obv I don’t mean you young ones, you’re only just in the fight. thank fuck for that.

** the t-shirts are by my brilliant niece. get them here : https://www.equalhearts.co.uk/about