Oh dear. I just realised it’s October, aka breast cancer awareness month.  A whole month of pinking up something that is neither pretty nor pink. Sigh.

Here’s what I hate about it :

  • comedy  references to ‘boobs’/’tits’ – neither word is relevant, it’s breast cancer. Men get it too. Men (usually) have neither boobs nor tits. It’s BREAST cancer. If you can’t say the word, then maybe work on that.
  • social media full of secret hearts/bra colour or size memes which do nothing for actual awareness
  • cancer-anthropomorphising phrases. Fighting it, kicking it, standing up to it. It’s a disease, not a person. We deal with it better by being honest about it.
  • stories of ‘brave’ ‘battles’. gah.

If you want to do something of value, there are dozens of brilliant charities who could benefit from your money and/or your time. Go for it. Pink has nothing to do with it.