more of a note than a blog, but just in case any of you who read my blog struggle, as I do, with the not-working thing (also called days off, rest, holiday, free time, whatever), you’re not alone …

So, I’ve JUST realised that when the Ngaio Marsh/Duffy Money in the Morgue comes out next March (I’m on the final edit now), I will have had 3 books out in 18 months (and yes, a 4-year book gap between 2012 and 2016, but still …) plus being sick & surgeries & Fun Palaces.

Seriously, I JUST realised that about the books. That they were so close. Hmm.

Several things :
1. I am glad I get to work, a lot, and that sometimes people want my work. (I’m very glad that, mostly, I like my work. I know that’s a very fortunate thing.)
2. I like that some of what I work at (Fun Palaces for eg) works for other people, is of value to them, supports them to create value.
3. I also want to not-work a bit more.
4. I’m working on 3.