Joy no 3.5 of #55joys is because today I watched my wife Shelley complete her first half marathon.

She only took up running two years ago, is proudly 60 next year, and ran her first half marathon today.

There’s something particularly special about being proud of a loved one, seeing the work they put in to whatever it is they’re doing. Seeing the effort involved in Shelley’s training for this, while she works, while she does a huge amount of caring work for her elderly mother (as the only living child, all the caring and sorting is down to her), while she is an extraordinary wife, aunt, great-aunt, friend to so many – and she keeps on training – is definitely a joy for me. (Admittedly, I’m not quite so interested in the right protein bars to eat, or the benefits of these particular compression leggings over the others, but I’m capable of nodding as if I do care for at least ten minutes at a time!) Today’s was made especially pleasing with support from our #RunningIsFunning friend, the runner, fundraiser, libraries person and all-round star, Emily Macaulay. If you’re looking for someone to support – can I suggest Emily’s London Marathon this year?

We’ve both changed hugely in the almost 28 years we’ve been together. Shelley’s new-found (re-found) sportiness – and my very happy place as cheerleader – is part of that changing and growing together.

So here’s to the part-time, some-time sportspeople and to those who cheer them on – sometimes reflected glow is exactly the right glow.