This Friday 11th May 8pm, Stephen Frost Impro Allstars, at Ivy House, Nunhead. Doing being funny.

The Stephen Frost Impro Allstars

Sunday, 13 May, 4.15pm : Fertility Fight Club at Fertility Fest, Bush Theatre – I’m ‘arguing’ Yes, I Wanted Children – No, I Don’t Want Your Children. The ‘…’ is because I will, as ever, be improvising not arguing, and speaking from my heart (I hope!) rather than a written script, and trying to be in the moment/honest/open. So the title is likely more of a guide written three months ago than a truth about what I’ll say on Sunday. Or not.

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16 May, 9pm : Olly Hawes dark, tough, bloody important, hugely interesting The Absolute Truth About Absolutely Everything Camden People’s Theatre, 9pm on Wed 16th. I saw an early rehearsal, so I know a bit more about it than most women performers who agree to join in, but not much. I do know I think it’s vital that men make this work, the work about their conspiracy in and with patriarchy.

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There’s also a bunch of great Fun Palaces meetings and some diversity/inclusion speaking on FPs and my/our work for a couple of corporate/creative events and some writing of two new book proposals (woop!), but they’re the ongoing always work …