My run (slow 5k, three times a week) has become much more lively since I started listening to podcasts while running. (I actually meant to write lovely but my typing fingers auto-corrected it to lively. Quite right too.)

In case you’re a listener as well as/instead of a reader, here’s a podcast from maker, thinker, creator, collaborator Chris Goode with me talking about Lots of Things.And doing some laughing.

Some of the things we discuss I’ve written about in this blog – Learning to Swim in the Abyss (this blog is from the first time I tried it out), cancer stuff, depression/therapy stuff, Lifegame (here’s an 8 year old blog about the show and some of what it means to me)  – all slightly differently than the writing, and then some other stuff that is more about theatre, me and theatre, losing my ability to suspend disbelief, that stuff …

Chris’s podcast has loads of other brilliant conversations too, so if I don’t do it for you, I’m sure someone else will.

Thompson’s Live (you can find it on other podcast sites too)

nb – the featured image is from the first year of Fun Palaces. It entirely sums up everything I do. And I still don’t know who wrote it.