some days, when you have to go to an event in the morning and another in the evening and you forget you’re meant to be going to the dentist and just make the appointment time only to wait 20 minutes with old copies of Hello and the weather can’t decide if it’s spring or winter (yes, it is March, I know) and the wind makes you crazy and you have too many deadlines and everyone wants something and you have no more to give … some days, a nice friend, a new friend really, someone who doesn’t know you that well but has been interesting to get to know and hopefully will become a better friend as time goes on, some days, that person will send you an email about a book you gave her to read some time ago, and when she says (of the book you love and gave five years to make and wish more people could love it but understand that it is a business after all and there are only so many tube posters and no 1 spots to go round and anyway, it’s doing pretty damn well in paperback and that’s great, seriously):
“It’s like London is. You know how you care about people and see things that make you stop and feel human, and then at the same time only get a tiny glimpse cos you have to continue on with your life…”

some days, when one person gets it, that’s enough. phew.